Neli Kools, Director

An entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for the creative and digital industries helped Neli lay the foundation for MusicBizPro, now BuzzMeter. A consummate professional and detail oriented perfectionist she raises the quality of work of all those around her. A leader within the BuzzMeter team, Neli loves exploring the big global picture of brand strategies and marketing synergy.

HELI KOOLS, Founder & Director

A practical mind coupled with a creative outlook helped Heli bring the idea of BuzzMeter and MusicBizPro together. Her dual background in engineering and music help her create inspired solutions to complicated problems. Heli spearheaded the US office in Hollywood and has built an all-star team.Any and all success in the US office is due in large part to her management skills and eye for talent. In her free time Heli can be found cooking for friends and spreading warmth throughout the office with her contagious smile.

STEVEN LOPEZ, Social Media Director

One of the leaders and senior members of the US team, Steven provides a constant stream of new ideas and concepts for our clients in both India and LA. Having received AVA and Marcom awards for his interactive campaigns his creativity, passion and dedication can be seen all of BuzzMeter’s projects.Being a musician in himself his facebook ad campaigns and engaging app integration always have a creative flair. When BuzzMeter’s clients make a splash on social media platforms Steven is most likely to blame.

HEATHER HAHN, Digital Marketing Executive

With a bachelors of science in marketing and management from the The Art Institute of California, Heather has sharpened her social media skills with BuzzMeter. Previously with Sony Records and an owner of her own successful blog, Heather has practiced what she preaches for our clients.Navigating the ever-changing world of social media Heather stays on top with positivity and a eagerness to learn the next new trick. Crafting expert and engaging content Heather is a wonderful addition to the US office.

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