Facebook introduces BUY button to compete with Twitter to boost e commerce

facebook buy

Facebook has started testing its new feature to let users buy through Facebook ads without leaving Facebook and to help business increase sales through social media.

For now, the test is limited to some small and mid size business firms in US to check the functions of new button for free. The feature will only be available for users using web and mobile version of Facebook and can directly click on the ads available in the Facebook to buy a particular product without leaving Facebook .

The ‘Buy’ button is available on the bottom right corner of the ads and can be seen once user will start scrolling the Facebook news feeds.

This is not the first time that Facebook has entered it eCommerce business. Previous to this move Facebook has tried to enable purchasing on its sites, but with little less success.

For eg: ‘ Facebook Credits’ was a virtual currency that allowed users to buy products within games, one US dollors was equal to 10 Facebook credits.

This is a great chance for brands associated with Facebook to boost their sales by advertising on Facebook. We normally see lot ads of online shopping sites.

For eg: Jabong , Myntra and Flipkart can use this feature to promote sales through Facebook by adding this buy button on their ads as this feature becomes available for India and rest of the territories. All the the small stores are more than excited now in US to try this new feature as a social marketing weapon to increase traffic.

Let’s see how the big and small online stores receive reception with this button. Do the giants like AMAZON, EBAY, MACY’S etc..looses bit of their online shoppers to small stores. This shall be answered as we see the trial results. Hope, this doesn’t turns out like the send gift cards, poke and other near to extinct features of FB.

Facebook announced this big change on blog called ‘Facebook for business’ on 17th July, a medium for Facebook to announce its upcomings.

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