Meet Bro’s Anjjan



Meet Bro’s Anjjan came to BuzzMeter with no social media presence, and with no existence of an online fan base through any online social platforms. BuzzMeter was able to cater to the Meet Bro’s by increasing their online fan base, growing their social media presence, and creating an entire branding image to build off of their online platform.


BuzzMeter had the capabilities of creating a website for Meet Bro’s from beginning to end, increasing their social media exposure by creating new and connected social media applications, creating customized apps so that they had the ability to reach out to their fans through several different methods, and making sure that every social connection was linked.


  • Meet Bro’s had the ability to create an online fan base.
  • They had the final ability to be picked up by online media publications, and online media outlets.
  • Meet Bro’s fan base grew dramatically within the coarse of a few months.
  • Meet Bro’s made an online name for themselves ending at the top of search engines and all over the online community.

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