Why Digital Marketing For Real Estate in India?

A recent report by Assocham found that real estate firms in India spend approx. Rs. 2,500 crore per annum on marketing across different platforms, and digital media only accounts for 25% of it (Rs. 625 crore). However, we at Buzzmeter believe that this figure is only going to rise and here are a few reasons […]

Facebook introduces BUY button to compete with Twitter to boost e commerce

Facebook has started testing its new feature to let users buy through Facebook ads without leaving Facebook and to help business increase sales through social media. For now, the test is limited to some small and mid size business firms in US to check the functions of new button for free. The feature will only […]

Social media: A Message For Not-For-Profit Organizations

Not-for-profit organisations are well-placed to succeed in social media. Their activities are of passionate interest to large numbers of people and they invoke considerable commitment among their followers. Many corporate brands operating in social media would love to have the same levels of engagement and dedication that charities and voluntary bodies garner – for instance, […]

15 Top Social Media Mistakes Of 2013

Check out these top 15 social media mistakes of 2013! At least we”re not accused of any! 1. Only Selling Your “Stuff”You communicate only your product offers on social media. You are constantly asking people to buy instead of establishing a relationship with them first. 2. Talking at People, Not With ThemYou are not having two way […]

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