15 Top Social Media Mistakes Of 2013

Check out these top 15 social media mistakes of 2013! At least we”re not accused of any!

1. Only Selling Your “Stuff”You communicate only your product offers on social media. You are constantly asking people to buy instead of establishing a relationship with them first.

2. Talking at People, Not With ThemYou are not having two way conversations with people, but only broadcasting your message. A good indication that this is happening is no one ever responds to what you post.

3. Talking to the Wrong PeopleYou have no strategy for your social media. You talk to anyone that will talk to you. This is because you may have outsourced it to any GenY-er you can find, instead of someone with specific experience.

4. Asking Others to Retweet / Share Your Content, But Never Talking to Them OtherwiseThe only time you communicate with potential partners is to ask them to share your stuff. You should always ask how you can help them before asking for a favor.

5. Broadcasting the Same Message Across All ChannelsYou need to tailor your message for each specific social media channel. For example, the form of a marketing message needs to be different on Facebook vs. Twitter.

6. Focusing on Numbers Not QualityYou are obsessed with the number of followers instead of the quality of their interaction with your company.

7. Posting Infrequently or IrregularlyNo one knows when you will show up on social media. You need to have a regular schedule to show dependability and consistency of your message.

8. Not Posting the Same Things Multiple Times During the Day or WeekMost social media posts have a short shelf life (Twitter -15 minutes, Facebook- 60 minutes). Everyone is not always on social media so things need to be posted multiple times.

9. Not Monitoring What People are SayingReputation is your biggest marketing weapon. Customers now place more trust in online reviews than advertisements. You need to know what everyone is saying about you!

10. Having No Company Social Media PolicyCan employees check their social media accounts at work? Can they post on behalf of the company? There is no right or wrong answer, but there should be a specific policy.

11. Using A Photo that Does Not Reflect Your BrandMany companies just use their logo, but what could be a better representation of your brand?

12. Deleting Negative CommentsOn social media, this is a big mistake. Instead, respond with empathy and provide a solution.

13. Sending Automated Direct Messages to FollowersAnother big mistake since most social media users consider this spam. Only send direct messages that are customized for the person you are connecting with.

14. Using Too Many HashtagsThis is a good tool to become part of a conversation, but not every tweet or Facebook post needs to have a #newhashtag on it. #OMGSocialMediaMistakes!

15. Not Leaving Enough Space for Other People to Retweet YouMake it easy for people to retweet you by leaving room for their Twitter handle and the letters RT. Don’t use the full 140 characters in your original tweet since this will force them to delete some of your message.

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